Matahari Terbenam

Matahari Terbenam – The Sun Is Setting

So there are many things that are going to confuse me, and you at that, when I have to return home to Aussie next July. I probably shouldn’t be thinking about that now but this year seems to be going so quickly and it feels a bit like the sun is setting.

One thing is that if there were ever a bush fire or a burning house or something I probably wouldn’t even notice. The Balinese are always burning off on the sides of the road so my reaction time to this may cause you all some distress. Especially if what is burning is plastic. Usually an uncommon smell in Aussie ya?

And I will probably drive really slow but crazy on the roads, maybe they should clear the roads when I first start driving in Aussie again. Or maybe it should be part of the ‘return to country’ procedure to confiscate your licence if you have been living in Bali for more than 3 months. The hard part for you will be dealing with my lack of road rage if someone cuts me off.

And you will have to forgive me when I go to pay for something because you will probably hear a lot of “tell ‘em they’re dreamin’” even if it is something like a 30 cent ice cream cone from Maccas.

And if I turn up at work at 11am and leave at 2pm; just remember ‘jam karet’. And if I say I’m going to work in the office but I go in search for a café that serves whole coconuts, don’t ruin the fun for me.

And if I look frustrated, please just tell me I look beautiful and I have beautiful skin because you see I’m used to hearing it everyday at least 3 times and I may have some sort of self confidence issues being back in Aussie again.

And if I get excited when you say any of the following words, pretend to be excited too; cheese, Australian wine-especially if it is in a bottle, steak, lamb, sausage (Julie will be in on that one with me!), vegemite or gluten free bread.

And if I talk at you in Indonesian just nod and smile because no one here usually understands me anyway and so that is the usual reaction.

And if I try to hijack the band (runs in the family hey Karen and Hayley-Aaah maaziing Graaace?!) just let it be.

And if for some strange reason, you happen to see the shock on my face after flushing the toilet, despite already having prepared the plunger, mop and bucket and Spongebob towel, just laugh and tell me not to worry about the plumbing.

And if I message you asking to send me phone credit, or try to buy a flight from an ATM, petrol from an Absolute Vodka bottle on the side of the road or pisang goreng from a service station pick me up off the ground after I realise its not happening, hug me and buy me a bloody beverage (bintang ya?)!!!

About Tracie

I am a trained high school guru in Australia, subject areas are Bahasa Indonesia and History and whatever else gets thrown my way as a casual teacher. I am from NSW but I lived in Bali during 2011-2012 working as a voluteer. Selamat membaca!
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4 Responses to Matahari Terbenam

  1. Trish Waters says:

    I can fully relate as I have a great big container outside my Cocos dwelling, have just got home from producing my last end of year concert and my 3 years here are rapidly ending. It’s like a cross between Indo and Oz here, saya Bahasa Melayu/Indo lebih baik sekarang! Enjoy your last 6 months Tracie, treasure your friends and don’t say goodbye, just selamat jalan. Paths have a way of crossing later, just like you and me one day hey? Saya cinta menulis kamu! Sampai jumpa. xx

  2. Stuart K says:

    I love Bali and love Ubud and I think your blog is a fun read, I’ll be back again to read more. :-)

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